What is REAL?

REAL is a unique cross-industry summit exploring the convergence of the physical and digital worlds and the 3D technologies empowering it. Investigate the impact of Reality Capture, Reality Computing, and Reality Creation on everything from Architecture to Art, Engineering to Entertainment, Health to Heritage, Manufacturing to Media and Science to Sports. Collectively we’re shaping the…

3D Selfies: 7 Steps to a Digital You!

3D Selfies = very cool! Find out how Reality Computing can help make this awesome concept a reality. What would YOU do with a 3D replica of your head? Let your imagination go wild. Originally published on the Reality Computing blog.

The Future is Now with Reality Computing

MassChallenge chatted with Autodesk’s Rick Rundell about how Reality Computing brings tomorrow’s innovations, today. Full story.

Flying eagle wins drone photo competition

Sponsored by National Geographic, a competition for the best photo captured by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or “drone” received more than 1000 submissions. The winning shot of an eagle in flight was taken by Dendi Pratama of Indonesia. Runners up included photos from the Philippines and France. Read more.

7 disruptive ways industrial 3D printing can impact manufacturing.

This Could Be The Most Underrated Benefit Of 3D-Printing

Is one of its biggest benefits going to be largely invisible to most of us? Read more

How the value of 3D design technology is relevant to…well…everyone

Beyond the professional and technological advancements in 3D design technology, Autodesk shared that these trends enable the global community to create a better, more sustainable world.Read more.

How augmented reality can help find missing children

Facial recognition techniques can help law enforcement.

Artificial Intelligence, Real Vision at UCSB

Computer vision and vision-based interaction are facets of artificial intelligence that study how machines can process images as data and respond according to that data. Read more.

Cut the pattern right the first time. The case to integrate 3D tech in apparel workflows

Apparel companies embracing 3D technology are on the rise. Read more.

Watch this insane interactive article on Virtual Reality

Read more.

Who’s the #1 influential company in 3D printing?

The pretty pie chart and Forbes piece explain.

“Don’t argue dimensions with me, I’m using laser beams”

30 minutes of scan time in the field and 30 minutes of post-processing and importing the point cloud into a Revit model saved Gilbane Building $30,000 on one project alone. Read more.

3D Printing’s HUGE Impact on the Future of Medicine

The world of medicine is being transformed by 3D-printing technology.Read more.

Will its clever new VR headset bring Samsung out of its slump?

Samsung Unveils Curved Phone, Virtual Reality Headset. Read more.

PETA’s new virtual reality game could make you too chicken to eat chicken

VICE magazine says, “In I, Chicken, participants are asked to flap their wings and walk around from the poultry’s perspective to get a feel for what it’s like to be a farm animal.” Then the story takes a turn for the worse… Read more.

GoPro’d dog goes to the beach. Is ecstatic.

Read more.

Football is back!

TED speech shows how augmented reality could enhance the NFL. Read more.


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